All Spanish classes require that students be properly placed. All students, including new beginners and transfer students, must take the placement test and receive proper placement before registering.

Who Needs to Take the Placement Test?

The Spanish Placement Test is required to register in any of the courses of the Spanish Basic Language Program and the Heritage Language Program including Spanish 101.

Students with AP, IB, or Seal of Biliteracy credit should consult with their general academic advisor.

UIC Placement Test

What do I do if the class I placed into is too easy/hard?

Students must register for the course into which they are placed. According to University policy, they will not receive credit for taking courses below the level at which they place.

If you have concerns about your placement, you should speak with your instructor and contact the person responsible for the appropriate Basic Language Program.

Only the Director can authorize changes. All changes must be completed by the end of add/drop.