Program Description


Students who have an undergraduate degree in Spanish or related field are eligible to apply. Students must be able to speak, comprehend, read, and write Spanish at an advanced level (minimally an ACTFL level Intermediate High). Students must complete 12 semester hours of graduate work with grades of A or B in order to continue in the program.

Graduation Requirements

A total of eleven (11) courses, or 43 hours, and student teaching (2 courses – 12 hours) are required for the MAT degree. There are six (6) required core courses. The remaining five (5) courses are electives, which must be chosen according to certain requirements. Two (2) of them are Education courses and the remaining three (3), Spanish courses. Of the total number of courses, three (3) must be completed at the 500-level and chosen in consultation with the academic advisor. Comprehensive Examination required. No more than eight (8) semester hours of credit (2 courses) will be accepted for transfer, and these credits must comply with University regulations and be approved by the program.