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Fall 2022 Italian Studies

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Welcome to the Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Laboratory at UIC.

Under direction of Professor Kara Morgan-Short, the Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Laboratory aims to elucidate the neurocognitive processes underlying late-learned second language acquisition and use. Informed by the fields of linguistics, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, our research explores the effects of explicit (classroom-like provision of rules) and implicit (immersion-like provision of meaningful examples) training conditions on adult second language acquisition and processing. In addition, our research considers how second language acquisition may be moderated by the linguistic form being acquired (e.g., vocabulary, aspects of grammar), by learners’ level of proficiency (e.g., low, intermediate, high), or by learners’ individual cognitive abilities (e.g., working memory).

For more information regarding the Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Laboratory, contact Professor Morgan-Short at