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Fall 2022 Italian Studies

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Heritage Placement

The placement exam is mandatory for all UIC students who wish to enroll in a Spanish course. The exam is found on the UIC student portal. For details see the Testing Services website.

Important: Students cannot receive credit for any Spanish course they did not place into via the UIC Spanish placement exam.

Did you know?

  • If you place into Spanish 114 and earn a B or higher, you receive 4 retroactive credits for Spanish 113. Retroactive credits means free credit hours.
  • If you place into Spanish 202 and earn a B or higher, you receive 8 retroactive credits!
  • Here is where most UIC heritage speakers place:
Approximately ___ of UIC heritage speakers: Place into: Notes
11% Spanish Basic Language (102-104) Some heritage speakers require additional support in their Spanish.
60% Spanish 113 This is where the majority of heritage speakers start their study of Spanish at UIC
30% Spanish 114 Placement here + final grade of A or B = 4 retroactive credits.
4% Spanish 202 This corresponds with very strong academic argument writing skills in Spanish. Placement here + final grade of A or B = 8 retroactive credits.