Majors and Minors

Our recently redesigned Spanish Major and Minor allows students to choose among three concentrations: Hispanic Studies, Hispanic Linguistics, and Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. The Teaching of Spanish Major also forms an integral part of the program. We also offer a Spanish for Professions minor which focuses on advanced language skills for business, healthcare, and legal settings in addition to translation.

Through the major, students’ language skills—speaking, reading, and writing—are strengthened in order to reach a high intermediate to advanced level of linguistic and cultural competency. Our courses are designed to expose students to the most current and innovative critical, analytical, and theoretical approaches in Hispanic studies today, thereby providing a solid foundation for advanced and postgraduate studies.

The Spanish major provides students interested in careers, such as business, law, criminal justice, industry, social, services, nursing, premed, and other health-related fields, with an edge in their professional training, supporting proficiency in areas such as language skills, analytical ability, and critical thinking. We also have close ties with the Latin American and Latino Studies Program for students interested in interdisciplinary work and the study of Hispanic communities here in the U.S.

We encourage you to think of the study of Spanish as key to your future professional success, and invite you to consider the becoming a Spanish major, double-major, or minor.


Major in Spanish

The major in Spanish requires 32 hours of courses in Spanish beyond SPAN 104.

These 32 hours are made up of:

  • 8 required courses
  • 4 selective/elective courses (selected from a list of pre-approved courses based on the concentration chosen)

Students must choose one of the following concentrations:

  • Concentration I: Hispanic Studies
  • Concentration II: Hispanic Linguistics
  • Concentration III: Hispanic Literatures and Cultural Studies

Minor in Spanish

The minor in Spanish is open to undergraduates in any college. It focuses on language, linguistics, and cultural and literary studies.

The minor in Spanish requires 20 hours of courses in Spanish beyond SPAN 104/114.

These 20 hours are made up of:

Minor in Spanish for Professions

The minor in Spanish for Professions is open to undergraduates in any college. It is designed for students who are specifically interested in advancing their professional language skills beyond Spanish 104/114.

The minor in Spanish for Professions requires 15 hours of courses in Spanish beyond SPAN 104/114.

These 15 hours are made up of:

Major in Spanish-Economics

Note: This program is being phased out. Currently enrolled students, including those who entered the degree in Fall 2018, may complete the degree, but no new students will be enrolled. This information is presented for reference only.

The major in Spanish-Economics requires:

  • 9 required courses in Spanish beyond SPAN 104
  • 1 elective course in Spanish at the 200- or 300-level
  • 5 required courses in Math and Economics
  • 4 elective courses in Economics at the 200-level or above

Interested? Learn how to declare a major or minor.