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Program Phases

There are three program phases.

  1. Be admitted to UIC.
  2. Apply for candidacy
  1. Finish Education Requirements and Spanish courses.
  2. Take SPED 410 and ED 432 To enroll in ED 432, go to the CTE website to download the registration form.
    Note: You may only take ED 432 the semester immediately prior to student teaching. Also, you need a 3-hour block of time every day during the week, at the same time each day. Remember that you must be accepted to candidacy prior to submitting this form.
  3. Take the methodology courses Spanish 448 and 449 during your last two semesters prior to student teaching.
    Note: You should take Ed 432 at the same time as one of these methods courses (448 or 449).
  4. Take the Content Area Test in Spanish. Register online at You will need to plan to take the test so that your scores will be received by UIC in time to approve your student teaching application.
  5. Take the Spanish Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). ISBE has determined that you must reach the level of Intermediate High. You must do this before you can begin student teaching.
  6. Take the TB test. It is valid for one (1) year.
  7. Submit your Student Teaching application by the appropriate deadline. It is available on the CTE website
  8. Be sure to read the instructions for submitting the Student Teaching application,and advice on choosing a school for your student teaching. Remember, you must have a 3.0 GPA in order to student teach.
  1. Student teaching. Register for Span 451 and 452.
  2. File your “Intent to Graduate” online.