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PhD Alumni

PhD Alumni in Linguistics Heading link

Name Dissertation Year/Title Current Position
David Abugaber-Bowman 2022 / Disentangling Neural Indices of Implicit vs. Explicit Morphosyntax Processing in an Artificial Language Generative AI Developer Deloitte's Government & Public Services
Timothy Anderson 2022 / The Relevance of Type in Semantic Analyses of Incremental Theme Predicates in English and Spanish Associate Professor Kishwakee College
Angela Bentacourt-Ciprian 2022 / Conceptualizing Chicago Cubanidad: Spanish Ideologies and Identity Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of Spanish as a Heritage Language Program University of Illinois at Chicago
María Alejandra Prieto-Mendoza 2022 / Evidentiality in the “Diálogos de Paz”: Quotations and Presuppositions in Colombia’s Peace Talks Current position unknown
Irene Finestrat Martinez 2021 / The Influence of L1 Grammatical Skills on Adult L2 Development in Two Learning Contexts Assistant Professor of Instruction Northwestern University
Irati de Nicolás Saiz 2020 / Adjective Placement In Code-Switched Determiner Phrases Assistant Professor University of Deusto (Spain)
Rodrigo Delgado 2020 / Gender and Phonetics in the Spanish/English Code-Switched Determiner Phrase Assistant Professor University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jose Sequeros-Valle 2020 / A Morphological Approach to Discourse in Spanish: A Theoretical and Experimental Review Instructor University of Nebraska Omaha
Alicia Luque 2019 / Inhibitory Control and First Language Flexibility in Second Language Learning: A Neurocognitive Study Associate Professor Nebrija University
Sara Stefanich 2019 / A Morphophonological Account of Spanish/English Word-Internal Codeswitching Adjunct Lecturer Northwestern University
Ariane Sande-Piñeiro 2018 / C Plus T As A Necessary Condition For Pro-Drop: Evidence from Code-Switching Spanish Lecturer University of Munich (Germany)
Ana C. Baez 2017 / Aesthetic Interruptions: Image and Form in Twenty-First Century Caribbean Literary and Visual Production Assistant Professor Chicago State University
Daniel Vergara 2017 / A Minimalist Analysis of Negative Concord in Northern Peninsular Spanish Assistant Professor Auburn University
Maryann Parada 2016 / Lexical Availability in Diaspora Spanish: A Cross-generational Analysis of Chilean-Swedes Associate Professor & Spanish Graduate Coordinator California State University Bakersfield
Zoe McMannon 2016 / Grammatical Gender in Child Bilinguals: Language Acquisition across Sociolinguistic & Pedagogical Spheres Chicago Public Schools
Bernard Issa 2015 / Morphosyntactic Development In A Second Language: An Eye-Tracking Study On The Role Of Attention Associate Professor & Interim Chair University of Tennessee Knoxville
Jeanne Heil 2015 / Infinitivals At The End State: Evidence For The L2 Acquisition Of English Non-Finite Complementation Associate Professor & Department Chair University of Southern Maine
Junice Acosta 2014 / Phonological Variation In Cibaeno Spanish: Social Networks As Potential Predictors Of Semi-Vocalization Associate Professor & Department Chair Southern Utah University
Shane Ebert 2014 / The Morphosyntax Of Wh-Questions: Evidence From Spanish-English Code-Switching Lecturer University of Illinois at Chicago
Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg 2014 / Pronoun Categorization: Evidence From Spanish/English Code-Switching Assistant Professor & Director of Basic Language Program Northern Illinois University
Laura Bartlett-Hsu 2013 / Adjectives That Aren't: An ERP-Theoretical Analysis Of Adjectives In Spanish Current position unknown
Bradley Hoot 2012 / Presentational Focus In Heritage And Monolingual Spanish Associate Professor, Spanish Program Director, & Linguistics Program Director DePaul University
Jill Jegerski 2010 / Ultimate Attainment In Second Language Acquisition: Near-Native Sentence Processing In Spanish Associate Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Julia Oliver Rajan 2008 / Vowel Raising In Puertorican Spanish Associate Professor of Instruction Northwestern University
Clara Burgo 2008 / Tense And Aspect Grammaticalization In Bilbao Spanish Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Director Loyola University
Gregory Keating 2005 / Processing Gender Agreement Across Phrases In Spanish Eye Movements During Sentence Comprehension Professor & Department Chair San Diego State University
Claudia Fernández 2005 / The Role Of Explicit Information In Instructed Sla: Evidence From A Pi Study Clinical Associate Professor & Director of Spanish Basic Language Program University of Illinois at Chicago
Elisa Baena 2004 / Estudio Pragmático De La Ironía Verbal En Español Professor & Director of Spanish Language and Culture Study Abroad Program Northwestern University
Dinorah Scott 2003 / Mood Variation In Spanish: A Neo-Gricean Pragmatic Explanation Assistant Professor Whitworth University
Eduardo Urios 2002 / Pragmatics Of Metaphor In Context Associate Professor University of Connecticut

PhD Alumni in Literature Heading link

Name Dissertation Title Current Position
Meloddye Carpio Rios 2022 / Of Affects, Processes, and Excesses: Unruly Masculinites in Peruvian Comtemporary Visual Productions Post Doctoral Fellow DePaul University
Oscar Daniel Campo Becerra 2021 / Unfinished Writings / Interrupted Communities in Postdictatorship Latin America Assistant Professor Universidad del Norte
José Ángel Navejas 2020 / The Chicago Latin American Literary Movement: Toward a Spanish-Language Literature of the United States Current position unkown
Mayte Harbison 2020 / Obliterated Margins: Severo Sarduy's Writing and Painting Associate Professor Richard Daley College
Andrés Aluma-Cazorla 2019 / From the Neo-Picaresque to the Neo-Noir: Black Humor and Violence in the Contemporary Colombian Novel Professor & Department Chair Norwalk Community College
Yanire Marquez Etxabe 2019 / Shattering the Limits of Visual Cinema: Haptic and Sensorial Visuality in Spanish Women Filmmakers Director of AP Spanish Language and Culture The College Board
Ruben Pérez 2015 / Sexuality And Desire In Spanish, Mexican And Argentinean Working-Class Narratives Lecturer at University of Sydney
A. Maximiliano Sánchez 2015 / Dysfunctional Machines: The Presence Of The Avant-Garde In Flour Latin American Writers Professor The American Business School of Paris
Xabier Granja 2015 / Fracasos Cortesanos: Exceso Masculino Y Rearticulacion De La Hegemonia Cultural En Maria De Zayas Associate Professor & Spanish Undergraduate Director University of Alabama
Susana Domingo 2015 / Realismos Postmodernos; Mirada Virtual, Consume Y Familia En Cine De España Y Chile Associate Professor University of Massachusetts Boston
Lillian Gorman 2015 / Ethnolinguistic Contact Zones: Identity And Language Among Mexican-Nuevomexicano Families In New Mexico Assistant Professor & Director of Spanish as a Heritage Language Program University of Arizona
Melissa Huerta 2014 / We Need The Whole Latina Package: Teatro Luna And The Meaning Of Latina Associate Professor Denison University
Martin Ponti 2014 / Daytime Divas: Unmasking Queerness On Argentinean Television And Film Assistant Professor Washington College
Diana González 2014 / Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios: La Histeria En La Literatura Caribeña Y Latino-Caribeña Lecturer University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrea Castelluccio 2014 / Cuerpos De Mujer, Sujetos Femeninos Y El Escenario Nacional En El Cine Argentino: 1930-1960 Dean of Academics Connelly School of the Holy Child
Luz Bibiana Fuentes 2013 / Deviant Narratives: Anomalous Subjective Positions In Post-Boom Latin American Literature Associate Professor University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Jelena Sánchez 2012 / La Tramoyera: A New Role For Women In The Golden Age Comedia De Capa Y Espada Associate Professor North Central College
Inés Sahagún-Bahena 2011 / Space And The City In Mexican Women's Novels; 1980-1990's Director of Centro de Excelencia National Louis University
Stephen Buttes 2010 / Poverty And Nationalism In The Americas Associate Professor Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne
Eugenio DiStefano 2010 / From Aesthetics to Politics: The Case Of The Southern Cone Associate Professor University of Nebraska at Omaha
Javier García 2010 / Entre Humanismo Y Barbarie: Posibilidades Criticas De La Narrativa Espanola Ante El Discurso Hereditario Current position unknown
Clara Herrera 2008 / Profession, Vocation Or Duty?: Economic Discourses Of Woman's Work In Golden Age Spanish Literature Current position unknown
Jennifer Rudolph 2008 / Roncamos Porque Podemos: Racialization, Redemption, And Mascu-Latinidad Associate Professor Connecticut College
Juan Trouillhet 2007 / Shakespeare Valle-Inclán Y La Renovacion Teatral Española Instructor Centro Complutense para la enseñanza del español
Maria Trouillhet 2006 / Tu Y Yo En Femenino: Amor Y Amistad Entre Mujeres En La Narrativa Contemporánea Professor CEA Study Abroad
Carlos Pueyo 2006 / Lenguaje Insuficiente, Colores Suficientes: El Azul En Becquer Y Novalis Professor Valparaiso University
David Rodríguez 2004 / Postmodernist C(Ha)Osmos: Reading Historiographic Metafiction In Juan Goytisolo And Abel Posse Lecturer University of Illinois at Chicago
Juan Gamiño 2004 / Hernán Cortés Y Tlatelolco, Auto-Construcción De Una Imagen Individual Y Reconstrucción De Una Imagen Colectiva Current position unknown
David Gilliam 2002 / Mapping Afro-Hispanic Discourse In Three Novelists: Colombia, Perú And Puerto Rico Associate Professor DePaul University
Bernardo Navia 2001 / Ni Paraiso Terrenal Ni Antipodas: La Visión Del Nuevo Mundo De Alvar Núñez, Cabeza De Vaca Lecturer University of Illinois at Chicago