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Required Tests

Scores on all tests must be sent directly to the CTE with two exceptions: the OPI results are sent to you (and a copy is given to the Teacher Education Coordinator), and the tuberculosis lab results must be included in your student teaching application.

You must pass (i.e., receive passing scores) the following three tests by the time you turn in your application to student teach:

  1. Subject Matter/Content Test (in Spanish), administered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System.
    Take the Foreign Language test, *not* the Target Language Proficiency test.
  2. Oral Proficiency Interview, administered by the ACTFL-certified rating company, LTI. This is a telephone interview. Go to under “Academic assessment,” “Individuals” and “To apply.” Keep in mind that this test is expensive—it costs $134. Have your results sent to you, and then provide the Teacher Education Coordinator with a photocopy when you apply for student teaching. Procedure for arranging the OPI
  3. Tuberculosis test. You must also pass this before you can apply to student teach. Original lab results are required; photocopies are not accepted. Turn in the original lab results with your student teaching application.