Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs give you the tools for discovery you’ll need to find new insights through courses that move from a focus on content and methods, e.g., Literary Theory and Criticism, to advanced seminars, e.g., Seminar in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism. Potential experience assisting in a lab or for an editorship will put your instruction into practice.

Our faculty and students consistently challenge each other to achieve full potential. Student-run talk series expand our dynamic intellectual life by providing you both experience and the opportunity to engage with professors throughout the world. Our association with the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics offers you chances to collaborate across languages.

As a graduate student here, you’ll directly benefit from being at the only Research I Public Hispanic-Serving Institution in the Midwest, with both a metropolitan and university population identified as 25%+ Hispanic. Be it the labs’ access to bilingual speakers or our Chicago Latinx Authors series, being in Chicago strengthens the rich experience UIC offers.

We strive to foster you financially through competitive packages, professionally through courses, mentoring, and teaching opportunities, and personally through an active cohort of graduate students. As you’ll see from our alumni page, these combined elements result in you being competitive for positions at all ranges of universities in the U.S. and beyond.