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Tania Torres Oyarce
Tania Torres is a MA student in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. Her interests lie in Andean literature and political violence during the internal conflict period (1980-2000) in Peru. She is currently interested in the different strategies feminine subjects use as defense mechanisms against violence for protecting themselves or their beloved ones. She has published papers about the presence of tricksters in the Huarochiri Manuscript, about mourning and mythical time in contemporary Peruvian novels, and about José María Eguren’s poetry.

Óscar Daniel Campo Becerra
ABD in Hispanic Literature. My dissertation focuses on what I called Latin American Unfinished Writings, a series of texts that were incomplete at the time of their authors’ death, but nevertheless were published posthumously and became increasingly relevant for literary history in the second half of the 20th century. I engage with the question about what happens with the production of meaning in writings that displace the narrative closure, and how these unfinished writings keep at work the possibility of political dissensus through the aesthetic anomaly.

Meloddye Carpio Rios
Meloddye Carpio Rios is a PhD candidate of Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. Her research focuses on the study of contemporary Peruvian narratives through a gender perspective, with an emphasis on queer and masculinities studies.

Sebastián Eddowes
Sebastián Eddowes, MA student in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. His research analyzes the social impact of theater, with a focus in recent Latin American plays and creators like Yuyachkani, Malayerba, No tengo miedo, Teatro La Plaza, Lola Arias, among others. With this background, he focuses on problems regarding identity, sexual orientation, gender, politics and public participation.

Luiza Morena Zanchi
Luiza Morena Zanchi is a PhD Student of Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. Her research area focuses on Modernism and the Avant-garde, particularly in relation to women artists and Surrealist theory and practice, to frame the question of language and transgression using (post)structuralist and psychoanalytic approaches.

Abraham Salas Pazos
Abraham Salas is a MA student in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. His interests lie in Peruvian contemporary literature, specially literature written during and after the internal conflict in Peru, and the Spanish and Peruvian “crónicas” from the colonial time and how they helped create an identity to all of the involved.

Anna Torres Mallma
Anna Torres Mallma is a PhD student of Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. She focuses on contemporary Latin American literature and the spatial turn with an emphasis on the urban space.

Former Members Heading link

Xabier Granja, ABD in Hispanic Literature
Raul Gutierrez, ABD in Hispanic Literature
Idoia Martinez, ABD in Hispanic Literature
Andres Aluma, PhD candidate in Hispanic Literature
Ana Baez, PhD candidate in Hispanic Literature
Lisa James, PhD candidate in Hispanic Literature
Cristian Roa-de-la-Carrera, UIC.
Diana González-Cameron (PhD, Fall 2011)
Ruben Perez (PhD, Fall 2011)
Miguel Rosas (PhD, Fall 2011)
Mayte Harbison (PhD, Spring 2011)
Melissa Huerta (PhD, Spring 2011)
Martin Ponti (PhD, Spring 2011)

Affiliate Members Heading link

Rosilie Hernandez, UIC.
Margarita Saona, UIC.
Steven Marsh, UIC.
Diana Niebylski, UIC.
Tatjana Gajic, UIC.
Gabriel Riera, UIC.