Photo of Sánchez, Liliana E.

Liliana E. Sánchez, PhD


Hispanic and Italian Studies

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


My research interests are bilingual, heritage and comparative syntax. In bilingual syntax, my current work focuses on crosslinguistic influence across language components especially syntax, morphology and informational structure (Spanish in contact with Quechua, Shipibo, Ashaninka, Korean and English). My work on heritage bilingualism focuses on modeling processes of divergent access to heritage grammars. In comparative syntax, I work on the interface between informational structure and morphosyntax (Spanish, Quechua). I am also interested in language assessment in minority populations.

Selected Grants

National Science Foundation. 2020-2021., RAPID Collaborative: Relevance of linguistic and cross-cultural appropriateness in communication during the pandemic., Co-PI with Helen Koulidobrova

National Science Foundation. 2014-2015., Workshop: Bilingual Morphology at the crossroads - New directions in the study of word structure., Co-PI collaborative with J. Camacho, N. Sagarra, and J. Austin.

Selected Publications

Hur, E., Lopez Otero, J., and L. Sanchez. 2020. Gender Agreement and Assignment in Spanish Heritage Speakers: Does Frequency Matter? Languages 5 (48) DOI 10.3390/languages5040048

Syrett, K., J. Austin and L. Sánchez. 2020. Establishing upper bounds in English monolingual and Heritage Spanish-English bilingual language development. Language Acquisition. DOI: 10.1080/10489223.2020.1803328

Mayer, E., Sánchez, L., Camacho, J. and Rodriguez Alzza, C. 2020. The drivers of home language maintenance and development in indigenous communities. Handbook of Home Language Maintenance and Development. Eisenchlas, S. and Schalley, A. (eds.). 312-331. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Sánchez, L. and J. Austin. 2020. Negation in Bilingual and Second Language Acquisition. Handbook of Negation. M. T. Espinal and V. Déprez (Eds.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Sánchez, L. 2019. Bilingual Alignments. Languages 4 (4), 82

Pérez Cortés, S., Putnam, M. and L. Sánchez. 2019. Differential Access: Asymmetries in accessing features and representations in Heritage Languages in production and comprehension. Languages. 4 (4), 81.

L. Sánchez and P. Zdrojewski. 2019. Dialectal variation in VOS word order in Spanish. Exploring Interfaces. M. Cabrera & J. Camacho (Eds.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Sánchez, L. 2020. Adjetivos atributivos postnominales y estructuras predicativas. Cuadernos de la ALFAL 12: 535-551.

Mayer, E. and L. Sánchez. 2018. Typological differences in morphological patterns, gender features, and thematic structure in the L2 acquisition of Ashaninka Spanish. Languages.

Sánchez, L., Mayer, E., Camacho, J. and C. Rodriguez Alzza. 2018. Linguistic attitudes toward Shipibo in Cantagallo: Reshaping indigenous language and identity in an urban setting. International Journal of Bilingualism. 22(4) 466-487.

Publication Aggregators

Service to Community

Comunidad de Lingüistas. Member of support group for indigenous peoples.

Notable Honors

2017, Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award, Rutgers University

2016-2017, Research School of Humanities & the Arts External Visitor Support Fund, Australian National University

July-December 2012, Franklin Pease-Yrigoyen Visiting Professor Fellowship, Department of Humanities, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru


Ph.D., Linguistics. University of Southern California, 1996

Professional Memberships

  • Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina

Selected Presentations

Selected recent presentations


  • 2020 The ‘Big DP’ Hypothesis and Gender Agreement: Evidence from Bilingual Acquisition in a Contact situation. Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages. With J. Camacho, E. Mayer, and C Rodriguez Alzza.
  • 2020. Lexical Frequency Effects on gender agreement among Spanish Heritage Speakers. Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages. With. E. Hur and J. López Otero.
  • 2019 Agreeing to agree, disagreeing how: Innovation in heritage speakers’ expression of possession. Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World. Leiden University. January 9-12. With David Giancaspro.

Invited Talks and Keynotes

  • 2020. Contacto y cambio en los sistemas de marcación de argumentos internos (MDO) de variedades con doblado de clíticos de Perú y Argentina. SPADISYN Roundtable. L. Sánchez, E. Mayer and P. Zdrojewski. December 18.
  • 2020. Métodos de investigación en estudios lingüísticos: Interculturalidad y comunidades indígenas del Perú. Prof. Maggie Romani’s class. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. December 11.
  • 2020. El papel del estado peruano y la relevancia de la adecuación lingüística intercultural en lengua y culturas indígenas durante la pandemia de Coronavirus. ABRALIN roundtable. October 17.
  • 2020. Fieldwork methods: crosscultural differences among indigenous communities in Peru. Princeton University. October 15. Prof. Catalina Mendez Vallejo’s class.
  • 2020. La relevancia de la adecuación lingüística e intercultural en la comunicación durante la pandemia de Coronavirus para individuos con dominio limitado del idioma económicamente dominante. Ministerio de Cultura , Cusco, Perú.
  • 2019 Modelling the dynamic nature of bilingual representations. Bilingualism in the Hispano-Lusophone World. Leiden University. January 11. Keynote Address.
  • 2018 Panel on the Future of Quechua. Third Annual Quechua Meeting. University of Pennsylvania. November 17.
  • 2015 Crosslinguistic Influence and Modularity. Keynote address. Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition in North America. February 21. University of Maryland.

Research Currently in Progress

  • 2020-present. Relevance of linguistic and cross-cultural appropriateness in communication during the pandemic NSF-funded
  • 2020-present. Quantifiers interpretation with collective and distributive predicates with bilinguals and monolinguals.
  • 2014- present. Argument Marking in Andean and Amazonian Languages and Spanish. In collaboration with Elisabeth Mayer (Australian National University), Carolina Rodriguez Alzza (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and José Camacho (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • 2012- present. Discourse structure in Southern Quechua. In collaboration with Prof. Luis Andrade (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and Prof. Roger Gonzalo Segura (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú).