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Photo of Ebert, Shane

Shane Ebert, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Hispanic and Italian Studies


Building & Room:

1728 UH


601 S. Morgan St.

Office Phone:

(312) 355-5063



My research centers on understanding cross-linguistic properties of morphosyntax by taking advantage of the distinctive properties of linguistic systems with two or more languages, i.e. those of bilingual speakers. I mostly focus on early and simultaneous bilinguals, although I also looks at late bilinguals, i.e. second language (L2) learners. My research interests include the morphosyntax of wh-questions, contrasts in acquisition by L2 learners and heritage speakers, formal approaches to heritage language, and methodology in experimental code-switching research.

Selected Publications

Heil, Jeanne & Shane Ebert. (2017). Extra-syntactic Factors in the That-trace Effect. In: Modern Analyses in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, ed. by Jonathan E. MacDonald. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

Ebert, Shane & Bryan Koronkiewicz. (2017). Monolingual Stimuli as a Foundation for Analyzing Code- switching Data. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.

González-Vilbazo, K., L. Bartlett, S. Downey, S. Ebert, J. Heil, B. Hoot, B. Koronkiewicz, & S. Ramos. (2013). Methodological Considerations in Code-Switching Research. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 6 (1), 118–138.

Morgan-Short, K., J. Heil, A. Botero-Moriarty, & S. Ebert. (2012). Allocation of attention to second language form and meaning: Issues of think alouds and depth of processing. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 34 (4), 659–685.


PhD in Hispanic Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago
BA, Beloit College