We offer a two-course sequence in Portuguese. Our courses are designed specifically for students who are already proficient in another Romance language (French, Italian, or Spanish).

Portuguese For Romance Language Speakers (PORT 240)

Spanish, Italian, and French share many similarities with Portuguese that will accelerate your learning process. After one semester, you will have the tools to communicate in Portuguese and an understanding of culture in the Portuguese-speaking world.

This is a blended intensive class, which meets three times a week in the classroom and students are expected to complete preparation (reading) and homework activities online. In this class format, the success of the students relies on preparation, homework and participation in class. During the semester students will be assigned to write compositions, prepare a cultural presentation, oral and writing exams. Brazilian movies will be recommended (one as part of a writing assignment), and students will be encouraged to participate in the Brazilian Portuguese Conversation Club at the LCLC – Language and Culture Learning Center, available once a week.

Goals of the Portuguese Program

  • To enable students to achieve high-intermediate to advanced competence for conversational, writing and reading skills in Portuguese
  • To enable students to communicate effectively in Portuguese through transfer from other Romance language, and the learning of grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions of the language.
  • To increase students’ awareness of and appreciation for Brazilian culture.


Students have the option to purchase limited online access to MyPortugueseLab which includes an electronic version of the text book Ponto de Encontro. If preferred, students can purchase the hard copy of the textbook that includes access to MyPortugueseLab. Click here to purchase the material from the publisher, or check availability at the bookstore.

Textbook: Klobucka, Anna M., et al. Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language. 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2013. Print.